Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Classes

Join Strawbery Banke hearth cooks for a delicious and hands-on experience!  Learn about New England culinary history while using traditional recipes and hearth techniques to prepare a meal like an early Puddle Docker!  Highlighted by Yankee Magazine in their Guide to Simple Living, the workshop offers various seasonal, enticing menus.
Each workshop is limited to 8 participants.  Must be 21 years of age or older.   Pre-registration required.  
Upcoming Hearth Programs: 
💟February 15, 2020: Valentine’s Day
Potted Cheese with Crackers, Onion Soup, Roast Beef, Benton Sauce, Pork & Apple Pie, Roasted Potatoes and Carrots, Fried Beets, Dressed Macaroni, Cherry Pie, Hot Rolls , Fresh Butter, Chocolate Tart with Whipped Cream. Sweet Cider, Drinking Chocolate / Tea / Coffee
February 29, 2020: A Hearty Winter Meal
Potted Cheese with Crackers, Pease Soup, Roast Pork , Apple Sauce, Beef Forcemeat, Mashed Potatoes, Dressed Carrots, Stewed Red Cabbage, Dyspepsia Bread, Fresh Butter, Apple Pie , Lafayette Gingerbread with Hard Sauce, Sweet Cider / Tea / Coffee
🍀March 14th, 2020 – St. Patrick’s Day
Pounded Cheese with Crackers, Onion Soup, Pickled Beef
Forcemeat, Boiled Potatoes and Carrots, Stewed Red Cabbage, Mushroom Fricasey, Apple Pie, Soda Cakes, Fresh Butter, Pound Cake with Whipped Cream, Sweet Cider, Tea / Coffee
🍽March 26, 2020 – New England Fare 
Potted Cheese with Crackers, Gourd Soup , New England Boiled Dinner, Fried Cod Fish, Baked Beans, Cornbread, Fresh Butter, Apple Pie, Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce, Sweet Cider, Tea / Coffee
🌷April 11 – Celebrating Spring
Pounded Cheese with Crackers, Asparagus Soup, Roast Lamb , Mint Sauce, Brown Chicken Fricasey , Roasted Potatoes and Carrots, Dressed Macaroni, Creamed Spinach, Rhubarb Tart, Hot Rolls , Fresh Butter, Honey Cake with Whipped Cream, Cornelian Cherry Shrub, Tea / Coffee
🍞April 25 – Traditional Bake Day
Hotch Potch , Roasted Cheese, Savory Standing Mince Pie, Rice Pudding, Baked Beans, Hot Rolls, Dyspepsia Bread, Buttermilk Biscuits, Gingernuts, One Two Three Four Cake, Independence Cake, Sweet Cider, Tea / Coffee