Hands-on History: DIY Camps

Pinterest did not exist 100 years ago, but people new how to get the things they needed with their own two hands. These camps provide participants with the chance to use the tools and materials from long ago to create their own projects.

Colonial DIY
Now is your chance to learn how people made incredible things hundreds of years ago without factories and modern technology.
Try projects inspired by indigenous people, enslaved Africans and European colonists. From fabric to pottery and birch bark toys to leatherwork. You will be amazed at the things you can do!

Next offered summer 2024

Victorian DIY
Life was changing at lightning speed during the 19th-century and many people had more time to spend creating new-fangled games and entertainment
s. During this camp, participants will design shadow puppets and put on a show, develop soda fountain flavors, explore photography, try out a cookstove and make many more projects to share with friends and family!

Offered August 1-5, 2022

DIY Inventions
Budding inventors and curious kids will explore some of the most famous inventors and inventions of the early 20th-century. From planes and motor cars to Teddy bears, and crayons; our youngest campers will not only make their own versions of these innovations, they will also participate in activities to discover how questions can be answered through experimentation.

Next offered summer 2023

Camp Details
Ages: 6 – 8 years (Rising 1st  – 3rd graders)
Hours:  9:00 – 3:00
Price:  $275 Members/$325 Non-members
Discounts: 10% off if paid in full before March 1 OR 10% off when registering one child for multiple camps or more than one child for any camps

Summer camp registrations will begin on February 1 for FAMILY MEMBERS or higher.  Registration for NON-MEMBERS will begin on February 15.  For questions, please contact bcoppola@sbmuseum.org