What to bring to roleplaying camps

Strawbery Banke Museum offers three roleplaying camps for different age groups. If you have registered for camp, please read the following information for the camp that your child is registered.

IMG_2646History Alive (6-8 year-olds)

We do not require our youngest campers to bring anything special to camp.  Costumes can all be worn over clothing and we work with whatever shoes are worn to camp.  If your child is concerned about authenticity, you can preview the shoe suggestions for other camps and send them with something similar to wear while in costume.

Stavers Children1History in Play (9 – 11 year-olds)

For this week-long camp, kids will be immersed in one time period and portray one character.  We ask that if your child would like to wear a skirt or dress, they bring a light colored tank top (with spaghetti straps if possible) to wear under their costume along with thin shorts.   If you child would like to wear pants/breeches, they should try to wear a white or light t-shirt with little or no decoration.  Please no make-up or nail polish.  For footwear, please use the following link for guidelines.

Shoes for History in Play Camps

Jr. Roleplayers (12 – 17 year olds)

thumb_img_1715_1024.jpgJr. Roleplayers is a two-week camp with the goal of training adolescents to become roleplaying volunteers at Strawbery Banke.  Because of the focus on authenticity and historical accuracy, we ask that footwear follow strict guidelines.  Please refer to the link below to determine appropriate shoes, which your child will need to bring to camp each day (or leave here for the duration of camp).  In addition, campers are asked to bring an open basket big enough to fit a water bottle (see photo below).  Campers will be taught how to wear hair in the appropriate time period.  All make up and nail polish will need to be removed before roleplaying.  Jewelry that can be removed should be left at home.

Shoes for Jr. Roleplaying Camps