Behind the Scenes: History Detectives (ages 7 – 9)

Archaeologists are not afraid to get messy.  Learn how they do their jobs with hands on fun.  Dig around in the dirt to discover what secrets lie beneath your feet.  Solve mysteries with the objects you find; create your own imagined excavation site; and so much more!  By the end of the week, you may be dirty, but you will have tons of fun discovering what archaeology is all about.

Dig the Past

House Hunters

Get the inside scoop about how houses are built and then explore the public and private spaces in a historical house to see how people lived hundreds of years ago.  Investigate kitchens by cooking food over an open hearth and participating in old-fashioned house work.  Learn the uses of a parlor through the games and crafts that took place there. Investigate the attics and basements that were used for theatrical performances and essential food production.  Each day also includes the opportunity to use imagination as campers use a variety of materials to create buildings for their own towns and villages.

Colonial Secrets

investigate life in Colonial America through materials culture. Unlock the secrets that objects hold to discover how people survived and thrived in the past. Then engage in a variety of activities from cooking to games and experience what it was like to live 300 years ago. At the end of each day, campers will use modern objects, imagination and creativity to develop their very own “Museum from the Future.”