Basket Weaving Classes

In New England, baskets were made by the Native American tribes who used a variety of local materials including birch bark and the split wood of ash trees. Because the wood is soft and splits easily, it was not much use for furniture-making or building, but was uniquely suited for basket making. When European settlers came to New England in the mid-1600s and 1700s, they brought their own basketry traditions to places like the Puddle Dock neighborhood of Strawbery Banke. Like coopering, basket-making skills were valuable in an era when everything was transported in barrels and baskets. The Basket-making Workshop at Strawbery Banke takes its style from intermingled traditions, using the traditional “over and under” weave.
Participants are asked to bring an apron as clothes can get damp and need to withstand some abrasion.

2020 Dates Coming Soon!